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Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Review: Should You Get the Mi Band 5?

We got our hands on the new Mi band 5! So, in this article, and we are going to share with you our thoughts about this new born from Xiaomi

One has to admit the big help smart fitness watches provide. After the big success Xiaomi had with Mi Band 4, the company hasn’t had enough yet. On June 11th, Xiaomi announced the unveiling of Xiaomi MI Band 5 in China. This item plays the role of medical checks by stating all the fundamental health features from blood pressure to heartbeats and more features are going to be revealed. In this Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Review, you will get to know the release date, price, design, features, and much more.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Review

1- Xiaomi Mi Band 5 release date

Nowadays the world is invaded by the pandemic and that’s the reason many products’ release date and place are not official yet. Xiaomi Mi Band 5; and after a year of releasing its predecessor; has been announced on the 11th of June. Due to the circumstances nowadays, this item will hit the shelves on the 18th of June, but just in china specifically.

Xiaomi Company in its global twitter account announced that Xiaomi Mi Band 5; starting from July; will hit other stores in other regions. The pandemic caused many delays in the technology industry as a whole, but the global companies are trying their best to stick to their schedules.

2- Xiaomi Mi Band 5 price

As mentioned before, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is launched exclusively in china and so as for the price, which is confirmed only for china at 229 Chinese Yuan which is 30$ for an NFC version for contactless payments. For a version without NFC, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 price is a little bit lower by 5$ at 25$. For the global version, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 price is confirmed at 42.99$ a little bit higher than its predecessor Xiaomi Mi Band 4 which was launched at 40$.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is Available to purchase on Gearbest, AliExpress, Geekbuying, and many other sites offering the same price tag.

3- Xiaomi Mi Band 5 design

Both devices Xiaomi Mi Band 5 and its predecessor share the same design with a tracker into a colored strap. With a small-sized shape 47.2 x 18.5 x 12.4 mm, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 sets perfectly on the hand, and for the weight, you won’t even feel like burdened thanks to its lightweight at 12g.

Mi band 5 Dynamic Color Screen
Dynamic Color Screen

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 design provides multi-colored straps including dual-color option, and straps with animation brands on it, like SpongeBob and many other brands. Xiaomi Mi Band 5 holds over 100 watch faces displayed on 1.1 inch126 x 294 color AMOLED screen which grants 20 more space to play with than the predecessor has. 

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The brightness on the screen can reach 450 nits with 50 nits more than its predecessor Xiaomi Mi Band 4. The device also has a button below the screen that primarily functions to return to the previous screen.

4- Xiaomi Mi Band 5 specs

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is armed with a faster chipset than its predecessor.  The chip helps smoothly using the item without any errors or delays. The NFC performs contactless payments, but this feature is assumed to be only for China. Other specs are yet to be unveiled like 16MB of storage, Bluetooth 5.0, and RAM with 512KB, there is also a barometer on Xiaomi Mi Band 5 in order to test the atmospheric pressure. The device also enables you to take pictures remotely within a distance of 50m after being connected to your phone which eases taking pictures task.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Live View (image credit somagnews)

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is not just a regular smartwatch, it’s generally concerned with fitness features like being water-resistant to depths of 50m, the item also has 11 sport-tracking modes such as swimming, cycling, running, and many others.

Excelling the role personal trainer, the device has heart rate monitor analyzing the beats for 24 hours, breathing exercises for people with breathing issues, a reminder in case the holder sat for a long period. Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is also equipped with a PAI Personal Activity Intelligence, which gathers your movement and rates it to see if you have been active enough during your day.

 mi band 5 heart rate monitor
The heart rate monitoring feature

The only fitness feature that’s missed on Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is GPS, that’s what the company will likely add on the next generations coming.

5-  Battery life

With a 125mAh battery, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 can live up and last for 14 days; that’s quite normal while the former band 4 has a full 20 days performance. It takes two hours to fully charge the battery which is a perfect equation because most smart devices suffer from lack of battery life, but not Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

The charging method has changed from MI band 4 to Xiaomi Mi Band 5, instead of a charging cradle, now the watch is charged using a magnetic dock as a solution to ease the charging operation and make it more sleeking.

6- Should I get the Xiaomi Mi Band 5?

In order to answer this question let’s state several Xiaomi Mi Band 5 best features. Starting with the main one which is battery life, reaching 14 days is just perfect. In addition to PAI which makes training more professional thanks to the details it provides. Sleep tracking enables you to track the time you spent sleeping and if it’s healthy or not.

Despite all the new features and settings added to Xiaomi Mi Band 5, the price is quite low regarding Xiaomi Mi Band 4. Finally, the NFC on Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is a mystery until now, but if the company chooses to launch it to the world, it will be great and satisfying.

After stating these excellent features, we can just admit that Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is worthy and gathers all the basics, plus being cheap. So, should you get the Xiaomi Mi Band 5? –Definitely Yes!!

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Is Available For Pre-Order!

Xiaomi-Mi-Band-4-NFC-Global-English-language-and-International-version-Smart-Bracelet-Wristband Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Global Version |$ 42.99 on Gearbest|NFC support Pre-order
smart-band-1 Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Chinese Version |$ 42.99 on Gearbest|NFC support Pre-order
Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Black Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Chinese Version (supports English)|$ 42.99 on Geekbuying|This version doesn’t have NFC function. Pre-order
Xiaomi-Mi-Band-5-Global-Edition-Available-For-Pre-Order-On-Giztop-Store Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Chinese Version |$42.99 on Gearbest| Pre-order

Thanks to technology, life became much easier. Xiaomi Mi Band 5 provides the assistance every human being needs while practicing sports; it is like having your personal trainer as a band on your wrist.

We hope this Xiaomi Mi band 5 review was helpful for you to decide wheither this product is right for you or not, and feel free to comment below you thoughts about this new band from Xiaomi.

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