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Health is a priority and nothing else matters! That was the basic slogan that Xiaomi followed to come up with Xiaomi MI Band 5. Sitting on your hand and taking care of your vital signs while you’re practicing sports, that’s why this MI Band 5 took the name of Fitness Tracker.

Following the lead of its predecessor, Xiaomi MI Band 5 gathers tons of features regarding blood pressure, heartbeats, sleeping time, activity during the day, and more features are yet to be revealed.

1. Xiaomi MI Band 5 release date

On the 11th of June, Xiaomi announced the release of Xiaomi MI Band 5 exclusively and only in China due to the pandemic and the circumstances the world is facing nowadays.

After the item has hit the shelves in China on the 18Th of June; according to what the company claimed on a tweet; MI Band 5 is scheduled to be in global markets in July.

2. Xiaomi MI Band 5 Price

Since Xiaomi MI Band 5 is launched only in China, the price is determined for China only at 229 Chinese Yuan which is 30$ for an NFC version for contactless payments. For the regular version which doesn’t support NFC, the price is 25$.

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The global version holds a higher price at 42.99$ and a Chinese version for 39$. Mi Band 5 is ready to purchase now on many platforms like Gearbest, Geekbuying, AliExpress, sharing the same price tag all around the world.

3. Mi Band 5 features: What’d new!

  • Bigger screen

Unlike its predecessor, Mi Band 5 has a bigger display, AMOLED 1.1-inches screen, by 20%. The big-screen grants more space to play with and displays more information. For a better view, Mi Band 5 resolution is set at 126 x 294 pixels to make the vision clear during the day. The brightness on the screen can reach 450 nits with 50 nits more than its predecessor Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

The device also has a button below the screen that primarily functions to return to the previous screen. For protection, a glass panel of 2.5D is equipped to protect the screen from scratches and abrasions.

  • Stylish

Mi Band 5 comes with many style editions for stylish people who like to customize their devices as they wish. With more than 100 themed dials including more than 50 IP themes such as Detective Conan, SpongeBob, Hatsune Miku, and many other themes.

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The band interface is also customizable based on your personal style. Thanks to the multi colored bands, Mi Band 5 can fit in any style you’re wearing during the day or the night.

  • More fitness features

While Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has 6 sports modes, Mi Band 5 is armed with major sports modes: Outdoor running, Treadmill, Cycling, Walking, Freestyle, and Pool swimming. In addition to exclusive modes such as Elliptical, Rowing machine, Jump rope, Indoor cycling, and Yoga.

  • Improved sleep tracking

Since healthy sleeping has a fundamental role in our shape, Mi Band 5 has improved sleep tracking monitoring. Tracking the heart rate as we snooze helps to identify sleep problems such as rapid eye movements, and irregular sleep patterns. The data collected helps giving suggestions on how to improve sleep quality.

  • Blood oxygen tracking

SpO2 or blood oxygen tracker which was absent on the predecessor version is now available on Mi Band 5, as it tracks blood saturation on your blood every second for 8 hours while sleeping in order to grant more comprehensive sleep quality feedbacks.

Heart rate monitoring xiaomi mi band 5
Xiaomi Mi band 5: Heart rate monitoring feature
  • PAI scoring system

There are other features that are worth to be mentioned such as PAI for Personal Activity Intelligence which gathers your movement and rates it between 1 and 100 to see if you have been active enough during your day.

  • Magnetic charging

The charging method has changed from MI band 4 to Mi Band 5, instead of a charging cradle, now the watch is charged using a magnetic dock as a solution to ease the charging operation and make it more sleeking.

Armed with a 100mAh battery, Mi Band 5 can live up and last for 14 days; that’s quite normal since the former band 4 has a full 20 days performance. It takes two hours to fully charge the battery which is a perfect equation because most smart devices suffer from the lack of battery life, but not Mi Band 5. 

  • NFC  and voice assistants

Is the global version is supporting NFC outside China or not, is still a mystery. Since the former device didn’t support NFC outside China while being the most wanted feature by clients in order to perform their contactless payments, Xiaomi will likely launch the global version of Mi Band 5 supporting NFC world widely.

Mi Band 5 plays many different roles and gathers the most wanted and exclusive features in the world, which makes Xiaomi the leader of bands industry, thanks to its last generation Mi Band 5.

Xiaomi smart watches are reputed on the global markets nowadays due to their resilience, they have the helpful roles they play in our daily life,  making it much easier  to provide the assistance every human being needs while practicing sports, it is like having your personal trainer as a band on your hand. For further information about Mi Band 5, a previous article assembles all you need to know about this new item.

4. Mi Band 5 Is Available For Pre-Order!

Xiaomi-Mi-Band-4-NFC-Global-English-language-and-International-version-Smart-Bracelet-Wristband Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Global Version |$ 42.99 on Gearbest|NFC support Pre-order
smart-band-1 Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Chinese Version |$ 42.99 on Gearbest|NFC support Pre-order
Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Black Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Chinese Version (supports English)|$ 42.99 on Geekbuying|This version doesn’t have NFC function. Pre-order
Xiaomi-Mi-Band-5-Global-Edition-Available-For-Pre-Order-On-Giztop-Store Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Chinese Version |$42.99 on Gearbest| Pre-order

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