WatchOS 7: Here are 5 reasons you’ll want to update

With the release of watchOS 7, It seems that Apple may finally be done closing the gap and possibly taking the lead.

The apple watch is finally becoming a 24/7 companion. It is with no doubt the best smartwatch for iPhone users because it offers excellent integration with IOS. For the most part, previous watchOS updates felt like Apple was playing catch up to Fitbit and even Samsung and Google. However, with the long-overdue introduction of sleep tracking in watchOS 7, It seems Apple may finally be done closing the gap and possibly taking the lead.

1. Apple’s WatchOS 7 can track your sleep

Sleep tracking can be an important tool in understanding how your lifestyle and habits affect your sleep. With WatchOS 7 you can now track sleep data if you wear your watch while sleeping. The sleep tracking feature not only tracks sleep data but also offers a wind-down service in order to establish a better bedtime routine. Moreover, there are shortcuts available to help you relax within a certain amount of time and even certain applications can open up like a meditation app or offer up functions to dim your lights. In addition, you will get a bedtime reminder in the evening, and in the morning, you will see a new weather report and your battery level for the day, if the battery is lower than 30% closer to bedtime, you will get alerts or reminders to charge before bed. All the sleep information can be found in the health app on your iPhone.

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You can also set personalized sleep goals via the health app from the apple watch itself, that same health app will give you different kinds of recommendations on how to improve your sleep duration and quality.

2. Share faces you’ve created by texting, emailing or posting a link online

One of the biggest features that the Apple WatchOS 7 comes up with, is the ability to better customize watch faces, download and discover new watch faces from other users and share your own custom watch faces with friends and family via the messenger app.

There is also a new watch face available called the chronograph pro which features a tachometer and room for other custom complications; apps can now offer more than just one complication at a time giving users more possibilities with their custom watch faces. In fact, with WatchOS 7 new features, you can now share your watch faces in different ways like sending it via email, posting it online or you can use the messenger app as mentioned before.

3. WachOS 7 no longer limits watch face complications

There are going to be some new innovations in the WatchOS 7 giving users the ability to customize the watch faces a little bit more. You can now create watch faces using shared albums. Basically, the photo app is going to include a special album type that allows multiple users to access and contribute to sharing photos to the album, so you can have your friends and your family contribute to this album.

Those photos will rotate and change on your Apple watchOS 7 as time goes by or as actions are initiated on Apple watch itself. In fact, it doesn’t just apply to Apple watch users. Actually, different companies and different apps can develop their own personalized Apple watch face. Of course, it requires using the pre-existing templates but you can still add multiple complications from the same app.

4. New featured workout

The watchOS 7 workouts app has been renamed to Fitness and will be able to track dance as an activity towards your health metrics. In fact, watchOS 7 came with four new workout types including dancing, core training, functional strength, and cooldown.

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Basically, apple watches do use a brisk walk as the baseline for anything other than ones that they list, so the fact that they know how these four different types of workouts, means that the algorithm is configured to match that exercise. Thus, watchOS 7 new feature will give you a more accurate calorie count for each one of these exercises. In addition, they’ve updated maps with cycling directions and you can use your watch to let you know if you need to climb some stairs or take other directions. Also, you get the ability to pick a route based on distance or fastest time to a destination, you can also pick to avoid hills and get pop-ups when you have to take stairs just as customized or a cyclist.

5. Isn’t it the best time to have a hand-washing feature?

Apple watchOS7 will be able to detect when you’re washing your hands and will automatically set a timer so that you wash for the recommended amount of time. This is actually a brilliant feature from Apple because we are in 2020 where there is a pandemic that spread around the world and people started taking hand-washing very seriously.

The Apple Watch detects the movements of the hand as well as the sound of rushing and the water coming out when you’re washing your hands and counting down for 20 seconds.

6. WatchOS 7 makes your watch so much faster

Indeed, with the new update from the Apple watch, the watchOS 7 came with a better performance. The watchOS 7 is much faster than the previous versions, it doesn’t wait for a second click before starting a digital crown click animation. If a second click is detected, it just chains in the new animation transition very smoothly.

 To sum up, Apple has made a lot of changes to the WatchOS as the main OS for its Apple watch. WatchOS 7 has materially improved and has changed the smartwatch experience. It is available now for developers. However, Apple plans to release the new version update beta in July, which will be the first time it has been provided to public beta testers and will support Apple Watch Series 3 and newer devices. It is not compatible with the original first-generation Apple watch, Apple watch series 1, or Apple watch series 2.

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