The Best Cat Tracker 2021: your cat in your pocket

Where your cat goes may blow your mind, that’s why a cat tracker is a very necessary tool for every cat owner.

Cats are very unique because they are the only pets we have that just give free license to roam where ever they want if we let them outside. In fact, where your cat goes may blow your mind, that’s why a cat tracker is a very necessary tool for every cat owner.

A cat tracker is simply a device that you put on your cat and uses GPS to let you aware of where your cat goes. Indeed, the outside world can be very dangerous to a small animal like a cat, because it’s full of predators and busy roads. Moreover, cats are unpredictable and unexpected, they go missing every once in a while, that’s why cat trackers are very beneficial because it helps to keep an eye on them the whole time. In this article, we will introduce you to the The Best Cat Tracker 2021 guide.

In case you’re still not sure if you should track your cat or not, this video is for you!

Our 17 Top Favourite Cat Trackers in 2021

The Best Cat Tracker 2021: Tractive GPS tracker ($49.99)

The tractive GPS tracker has been created to give you complete peace of mind when it comes to locating your cat or any other animal. Tractive GPS works in more than 80 countries throughout the world. You can create your own safe zone so when your cat leaves it, you will instantly get an alert on your smartphone or you can use it through a web browser if you don’t have one. Moreover, you will be able to view a history of places your pet likes to go, which makes it easier to find.

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The Best Cat Tracker 2021: The whistle GO ($129.95)

The whistle GO explore health and location tracker creates GPS location and activity trackers for dogs and cats. This all-in-one tracker uses advanced GPS and cellular technology from America´s largest network to track your cat’s location anywhere in the united states. The device will record his data so you can log into the app to find out where he has been for the last 24 hours and the battery can last up to 7 days between charges. Along with tracking his location, it will also track his activity. In fact, you can set fitness and activity goals for him and that can go a long way in trying to maintain a healthy life for your cat.

In all honesty, This device deserves to win the best cat tracker 2021 prize.

Best Cat Tracker 2021

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The Best Cat GPS Tracker 2021: Weenect 2 cat tracker ($59,12)

Throughout a smartphone app both on android and IOS, Weenect 2 cat tracker helps you to keep an eye on your cat´s movements on a real-time map. Putting the device on your cat´s collar will allow you to locate your pet wherever it happens to be, so you can know that your cat is safe wherever its adventure takes it. Using the app will allow you to set a meal routine for your cat, so by a simple click, the cat will know that it’s food time by vibrating or ringing its tracker.

Best Cat Tracker 2021

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The Best Cat Tracker 2021: Loc8tor TabCat RF

The loc8tor pet tracker tells you which way to walk to find a lost or hiding pet. The tracker works indoors and outdoors up to a maximum range of 400 ft(122m) with a clear line of sight, or even through doors, walls, airing cupboards and other perfect hiding places.

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The Loc8tor pet tracker features a unique dual-directional technology system giving you both audio and visual cues to guide you right to your cat. It works like an electronic game of hot and cold and will show you the right direction to walk to find your pet. The small, light, splashproof loc8tor pet tracker tags are protected by a durable case and easily attached to any cat or dog collar.

Best Cat Tracker 2021

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The Best Cat GPS Tracker 2021: Tile Mate ($22.00)

The tile mate is a Bluetooth tracker that connects to either android or IOS. It needs to be your final go-to solution for when you lose your keys, backpack, or pretty much everything including your cat.

With the Tale Mate, you have two main ways to use It for tracking lost objects. It’s attached via your phone or uses the device itself to locate your phone when it gets misplaced. The mate and all other tiles are ready to have a battery life of up to one year of full use, once your tracker dies you have the option to sign in with the tile retile program and they will send you a brand new device for up to 50% off after you ship it to tile.

Best Cat Tracker 2021

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The Best Cat Tracker 2021: Girafus Pro-Track-Tor RF ($99.99)

The pro-track-tor is a featherlight little unit that connects to your cat´s collar. It weighs just 4.2 grams, making it one of the lightest trackers out in the market. The receiver on this tracker can pick up to 1500 feet away. The ultra-lightweight protractor costs just $99.99 for one tracker and you can also decrease price per transmitter by buying multiples. The device uses little lithium batteries that either be replaced or recharged.

Best Cat Tracker 2021

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The Best Cat GPS Tracker 2021: Cat Tailer Bluetooth ($59.00)

Cat tailor gives you tracking, safety, and a cat-size package. Inside the small plastic waterproof housing is a Bluetooth low-energy transmitter when used with a smartphone companion application that allows you to find your cat. Cat tailor uses a replaceable battery that lasts six to twelve months. It has a 328-foot range and continues notifications when your cat leaves that range. It can give you a rough estimate of where your cat is, but at the same time, it’s not nearly as accurate as a radio frequency tracker which is going to be able to identify your cat’s location.

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The Best Cat Tracker 2021: Tabcat ($99.95)

Attaching easily to your cat’s collar the device is lightweight, yet is robust enough to stay on whatever they get up to. With an astonishing degree of accuracy, it will guide your cat’s exact location. The Tabcat tracker is more effective and affordable than GPS or other similar systems.  By following the signals Tabcat will get you reunited with your cat in no time.

Best Cat Tracker 2021

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The Best Cat Tracker 2021: Pawfit ($65,15)

Pawfit is a smart pet tracking device for cats and dogs. It is of the most friendly and intuitive devices that track over 30 metrics including location, health, and activity. The device is waterproof, lightweight, and rugged for most outdoor pets.

Pawfit is packed with smart features for you to discover with your pals because the receiver has an embedded sim that is non-removable. a small subscription fee is required to cover the data. Thus, once your device is recognized by the system you will be prompted to the subscription plan page where you could choose your ideal plan based on your preferences.

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The Best cat gps tracker 2021: Findster Duo ($149.99)

Findster Duo comes with two modules one for you and one for your pet and a mobile app available on Android and IOS. You simply attach it to your pet´s collar to track their location and activity on your phone in real-time, without any subscription.

The device claims to be shockproof and waterproof,  Moreover, there is a rechargeable battery and even has an RGB LED night mode feature. The fence feature that comes with the app allows you to track your pet in your selected area and if they cross the virtual boundary you will get alerted.

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The Best Cat GPS Tracker 2021: TKSTAR Mini GPS Tracker ($53.86)

TKSTAR Mini GPS Tracker is compact and built for any size pet that scurries away on its daily adventure. The device is easy to use and suitable for your pet despite its size. Moreover, it´s waterproof and comes with a long-time battery life standby time 400 hours and with a sleeping mode, you can save more power.

The device is connected with a free web tracking software and the pet collar has six colors for choice.

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The Best Cat Trackers 2021: Kippy Pet GPS Tracker ($69,90)

Kippy the pet finder is a tracker for your pet, comfortably worn on the collar it transmits signals to your smartphone or your PC at home or in the office with the exact location of your pet at that moment. You can also connect more pets to the same application. In addition, you can set up a virtual fence so that if your cat or dog leaves the defined area you can count on Kippy to warn you. Kippy will not only tell you where your pet escapes, he will even take you to it. Kippy Pet GPS Tracker is water-resistant with a rechargeable battery.

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The Best cat GPS tracker 2021: Dynotag Pet ID Smart Tag ($16.95)

Dynotag helps you to share detailed information about yourself and your belongings, it’s a cool and unique way to label all your stuff. Dynotag contains a QR code and a short web address both of which leads to your tag secure and private information page. In fact, you can add text, new sound, post pictures or attach any document. You can Dynotag your pet, your backpack, your laptop, or even your car. Dynotag gives all your lost items a chance to find their way home to you.

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The Best Cat Tracker 2021: Alliner Pet Tracking Collar

Allinder is a pet tracker collar that needs a 2G network support with an unincluded Sim card. You can set the pet range which will warn you if your cat goes beyond the set range area.

The device has a voice-support remote intercom which makes you do a quick call to your pet. Allinder has a waterproof and dustproof design which makes it excellent for outside adventures. The battery takes only 2hours to charge and can be used up to 4 days.

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The Best Cat GPS Tracker 2021: EndlessID Pet Identification Tag

EndlessID is a new generation of medical alerts and identification tags for pets. The device provides quick access to medical and emergency contact information with a simple tap of any NFC-enabled mobile device or online access. Also, you can add an online profile for your pet which surely can be changed and updated at any time and as often as you like. Pet photos can be added to the profile along with medical conditions, allergies, and vaccinations.

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The Best Cat Trackers 2021: Gibi 2nd Gen Pet GPS Tracker

Gibi kit comes with everything to keep your pet safe. Same compact, lightweight design as first-generation model with updated electronics to provide longer battery life and improved accuracy in urban and wooded environments. The package includes one Gibi pet GPS tracker, one collar attachment clip, one charger kit, a USB cable and an A/C power adapter.

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The Best Cat GPS Tracker 2021: Jason Zeng GPS Pet Tracker ($59.99 )

Jason Zeng is a GPS pet tracker and activity monitor intelligent 5-level positioning system. It is waterproof and dustproof and can be worn normally on rainy days. You can check your pet movement for the last 24hours and you can find them wherever the cellular service is available. The device supports a phone application and no subscription fee is needed.

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Jason Zeng comes with fast charging and power saving up to 60 hours. A cool feature is that more than one person can log in to the pet’s account so anyone can take off the pet.

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The Best cat GPS tracker 2021: Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag ($16.59 )

Pawscout is building the world´s largest social network for pets and their people. Download Pawscout´s free app and schedule puppy play dates with neighbors, broadcast digital lost, and share pet photos and stories.  Pawscout smarter is lightweight and water-resistant with six-month battery life and multiple mounting options for cats and dogs for all sizes.

View on Amazon To sum up, one of the most stressful things that can happen for a pet owner is for their beloved pet to run away or go missing. However, to ease our worries we have pet trackers available that would help us to find the lost pet as soon as possible.

We hope this article helped you pick the best cat tracker for your beloved cat. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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