How to sync Spotify to Apple Music

Spotify is one of the most popular choices of music platforms for Windows users, Microsoft made it easy when Groove got shut down, but all the good things don’t last for a very long time, and when it comes to Apple Music here’s to take your collection. The biggest problem is when you want to sync Spotify to Apple Music.

When you move towards a new music app, you want your curated playlists, albums, and favorite tracks in your current one. And if you’re the one who is moving to Apple music leaving Spotify I can help you to cancel your membership and also sync Spotify to Apple Music.

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How to sync Spotify to Apple Music?

This is will be the first method of syncing Spotify to Apple Music, this method isn’t the only method to sync Spotify to Apple Music, but this is definitely one of the methods which work! If you’re among the one who uses the iPad or iPhone then most likely you are using Apple Music. Then the first thing is to download the Songshift app from the Ios App store.

Step 1: After downloading Songshift open it on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Tap on the Songshift icon which is available at the bottom which will help you get started.

Step 3: Now tap on setup store and then tap on connect music services.

Step 4: Now you need to find Spotify and then tap on connect and enter your Spotify credentials.

Step 5: Now follow the same process for Apple Music

sync Spotify to Apple Music

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Step 6: Go back to Setup Store and select Spotify.

Step 7: Select what you want to move whether album, playlist, or song and tap to your setup destination, and select Apple Music.

Step 8: Choose the preferred option for copying and tap on I’m finished.


sync Spotify to Apple Music

Credits: windowscentral

And you’re done! SongShift will now sync Spotify to Apple Music and once you’re one you can also review the matches and confirm if they are all correct before final completion.

Note: In some of the cases, you won’t be able to sync music across because Spotify doesn’t allow the exclusive session which can only be played on Spotify and cannot be transferred to any other platforms, in short, you are not allowed to listen to them outside the service or platform.


Alternative to sync Spotify to Apple Music if Songshift don’t work

While song shift is our best pick, but it might not be in some of the cases like when you are switching streamers, so I have come up with an alternative to sync Spotify to Apple Music which is Soundiiz which offers an in-browser experience, the main advantage of this that Soundiiz is if you’re a multi-streaming service customer.

Theirs is also FreeYourMusic, a popular choice that is used widely across Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux users. This is more focused on the management of your public playlists when compared to SongShift and Soundiiz.


How to sync Spotify to Apple Music using Soundiiz?

Step 1: Open Soundiiz in the web application(i.e. in web browsers)

Step 2: Select the music service you wish to switch from in our case it is Spotify.

Step 3: Now select Soundiiz as the source service.

Step 4: Now select the playlists, songs that you would like to transfer and then select the music service you wish to switch to (Apple Music)


Final Word:

If you’re not a fan of SongShift or found it does not as you want, you can try Free Your Music which supports more than Songshift platforms and also more than Soundiiz. Hope you like the article and have transferred your favorite play lis




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