Dog GPS Tracker: This is Why your Dog Needs a Tracker ASAP

Dog GPS tracker is the way to go, this advanced technology can ensure to find the exact location of your dog.

The worst nightmare a dog owner would have when it comes to their pet would be to have their dog get lost. Runaway dogs are a common problem. According to some studies, only 15-20% of dogs that run away have returned to their homes.

The reason behind the high number of canine runaways is certainly because many dogs owner’s don’t require their pet with microchips or wearing ID tags and Global Positioning System trackers, these 3 devices help owners find their dogs quickly, although GPS trackers work faster and help owners in a more efficient way.

According to a study performed by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals “Because of the supporting identification tags and microchips, 15% of lost dogs are found.” That’s a small percentage, due to how easily these tags are prone to falling off, also these tags include your personal information, so the collar can be risky if you live in a big city, in addition, these tags can get destroyed easily either by the dogs or the environment.

Dog GPS tracker is the way to go, this advanced technology can ensure to find the exact location of your dog.

1. Why Your Dog Needs a GPS Tracker

Microchips And dog GPS tracking devices are completely different from each other, Microchips can identify your dog’s location through radio frequencies. This technology works by receiving a signal from a frequency reader and it has a short range, keep in mind these microchips work differently than the ones used in your grocery store because they usually don’t need batteries. They can be planted under your dog’s skin without any pain.

On the other hand, a dog GPS tracker is worn on the outside, it works by interacting with a network of space satellites that can determine the location of your dog, by triangulating the signal between these satellites.

Dog GPS tracking device is better and more advantageous than microchips, due to their large range, dog GPS tracker reach way more extensively, which is very helpful if you are living in a big city.

2. Benefits of Dog GPS Trackers

In case your dog runs away, GPS trackers become very handy, in fact, this is the most obvious reason to get one, you can easily find the exact location of your dog. Although GPS trackers are slightly expensive, they provide a safety net, just compare the price that you would pay for people to hunt your lost dog, yet the result is uncertain, As well as the emotional strain of the search, is much greater than the $100 or so that you’ll pay for a GPS tracker upfront.

When you compare the price of a dog GPS tracker to the cost of searching your dog and fees that shelter is going to charge you to get your pet back in case they ever find him, and fines that you may get just because you lose your dog, dog GPS tracker collar may actually be the cheapest option.

Another great reason to choose dog GPS tracking devices is that they give the exact time without any delay, unlike microchips that if you use it to track a dog like Greyhound (this breed has been clocked at speeds of 45 mph), even 15 seconds delay is too much, the dog could be long gone.

A dog GPS tracker will give you the exact location of your dog in real-time, without any delay, in other words, you can check the location of your dog’s life, you’ll have a good chance at getting ahead of them and not falling behind.

3. Dog GPS Tracker is going to save your dog’s life

Every year, millions of dogs are lost and those that are found are often taken to kennels and pounds. According to the same study by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 1.2 million dogs are euthanized in shelters every year.

With a dog GPS tracker your chances to find your dog are higher, a dog GPS tracker collar will alert you to the location of your dog not only when they are lost, but also when they are in a dangerous situation, the location of your dog can tell you a lot about the condition of your beloved dog, if you noticed that he isn’t moving, it could mean that they are hurt, sick or even stolen.

The awareness of your pet’s location is not only going to help you find your lost dog, but it also helps in all aspects of daily pet ownership.

4. Dog GPS trackers Vs Microchips Implantation

Dog GPS Tracker is safer because it doesn’t need any surgery or insertion below the skin, while microchip implantation is minimally painful, it does involve a minor pinch and an object inserted in your dog’s body, and there is always a chance that microchip could cause your dog infection.

The size of the microchip is similar to the size of a grain of rice, it is usually implanted between the shoulder blades, the veterinarian uses a large needle, so an anesthetic is recommended.

The microchip can migrate from the shoulder to the stomach which could cause your dog severe pain, there have been two cases where the inserted ship causes tumors at the site of the microchip.

For more information about the health risks of microchips, implantation visit

Dog GPS tracker is way safer, you don’t need to insert anything in your dog. You just hang it on his collar risk-free.

5. Dog GPS trackers has Amazing other advanced technology as well

dog GPS tracking device isn’t only for tracking your lost puppy, it has also special add-ons which offer even more technological benefits, some dog GPS tracker offers a feature that will send you an email if your dog has wandered into a location outside of a predetermined border. They will also send notifications to inform you of any usual behavior from your dog.

Most dog GPS tracker comes with an app that allows you to monitor your pet location in addition to many other features, some apps work directly with Google Maps to show a map of where your dog is and the quickest way to find them. Certain apps offer social networking connections, so you can communicate with other app users about what’s going on with their beloved dog.

Some dog GPS trackers offer an activity monitor, if you are still not convinced why you should get a dog GPS tracking device, this amazing feature is going to change your mind. These monitors will track what your dog does during the day while you’re away and how active your dog was, they will also show you how much time he rested.

A dog GPS tracker can also track your beloved dog sleeping, so you can notice any changes in your dog’s typical behavior and notify you when something doesn’t seem right.

6. Dog GPS tracker isn’t perfect 

Some Dog GPS tracker requires a subscription service, just like a cellphone, you need to pay them monthly, if you don’t pay the subscription fee on time your service will be shut off, keep in mind not all dog GPS tracking device requires additional fees.

Many consumers opt for trackers that don’t require additional fees.

This dog GPS tracker collar will work only if you are in an area with cell phone coverage, revealing a huge flaw in this technology.

This dog GPS tracker needs the coverage to pinpoint the dog’s location, you also need the coverage to report the information back to you via the smartphone app. For example, if your dog got lost in camping, you wouldn’t track their location despite your dog still wearing his dog GPS tracker due to the lack of coverage in camps located in the woods.

One final thing, this dog GPS tracker device run on batteries and some take actual batteries and others are rechargeable, so you need to make sure that they are charged at all times, so if your dog has been lost for more than 24 hours, the batteries on his tracking device may run out and you will never find him.

At the end of the day, all dog owners want the same thing; a happy and healthy dog. Even if you lock your dog all day, you can’t be sure that your dog will never run away, whether it’s because he is bored, gets curious, or chases a squirrel, the risk of his running away is a possibility for all owners.

Despite you can never be certain that your dog will never run away, you can become equally sure that you will be able to find him if that ever happened.

Dog GPS trackers aren’t cheap, but there are a variety of options to choose from, and if you think about it, it is a small price to pay for the security of your pet. There’s no monetary cost too high to ensure that our beloved canine companions are always kept safe.

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