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Black Friday Apple Watch deals 2020: What to expect

Almost 2 months separate us from the most awaited event in 2020. Many people are counting down the days for Black Friday so they can benefit from the discount to buy those items that they couldn’t afford before. Traditionally, Black Friday is the first Friday after Thanksgiving in the US, so it’s the perfect opportunity to buy the best present for your loved ones at an affordable price and celebrate the true meaning of thanksgiving, it’s also the ideal opportunity to buy that tech gadget that you want for over a year now.With Black Friday Apple Watch deals 2020 are on fire, pick up the perfect gift for your loved ones at a reasonable price. 

Black Friday Apple Watch deals 2020

As we all know, Apple products are known for being very expensive, however, during this event, you will get the best Black Friday Apple Watch deals 2020, including all Apple watches, even the last Apple watch 6 that they introduced last month.

Apple watch deals black Friday 2020 are going to be different this year due to the ongoing pandemic, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any Apple Watch deals 2020. Instead, Apple is encouraging people to shop online to protect them from COVID-19.

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In this article, we gathered all the information that you need about Apple Watch deals Black Friday 2020. We also included the details from last year to get an idea of what’s likely to come, to help you get ready for the year’s biggest shopping weekend.

We will be posting all the best Black Friday Apple Watch deals 2020 in early November, be sure to check back again or subscribe to our website so you won’t miss any apple watch deals 2020, we will let you know the moment news is announced.

1. Black Friday Apple Watch deals 2020: our expectations.

Guessing the apple watch deals 2020 is no rocket science, traditionally, Apple always avoids putting any sales itself, but third-party retailers such as; Amazon, Target, Bestbuy… usually put some amazing deals.

Not long ago Amazon dropped a big sale on the Apple Watch Series 5, no one expected big sales in that period. So during this Black Friday 2020, what apple watch deals 2020 could these third-party retailers be offering? 

These items probably stand a good chance of getting a cut;

a. Apple Watch Series SE,6

Although the Apple Watch SE and 6 are just released, there is a big chance they are on Black Friday Apple Watch deals 2020 because if we just took a look back at the last black Friday, Amazon made a huge discount on the Apple Watch 5 and drops more than 30% of the actual price, which is a big discount if we considered the series 5 was just released at that time, so we are expecting during this Apple watch deals black Friday 2020 Apple watch SE and 6 are getting a huge discount.


b. Apple gift cards

Despite Apple refusing to make an apple watch deals 2020 when it comes to hardware, that doesn’t mean Apple will not make a discount on other items and turn a blind eye totally to the event.

During the last Black Friday, Apple made a big discount on Apple Gift Cards more than a 40% discount, so during this black Friday visit the Apple Store, there’s a big chance that you will find some sort of gift card offers thrown in with a substantial purchase.

 c. Accessories

Every Black Friday, Amazon always puts the best Apple Watch accessories on sale, whether it was an Apple Watch protector, Apple watch bands, or even the apple watch case in which you can store the extra bands and other accessories. 

So if you want to buy an Apple Watch during this Black Friday 2020, you may also consider buying some accessories as well that can make your watch look better and protect it from scratches.

2. Last Year’s Black Friday Apple Watch Deals

Black Friday Apple Watch deals 2020

The best way to predict this year’s Apple Watch Deals 2020 is by checking the last Black Friday. We can guess what Apple Watch is getting a discount, and how much the discount is going to be, which is very important, so you know how much money to save.

Here are some Apple Watch Black Friday deals 2019;

a. Walmart

In 2019, Walmart put both versions 38mm and 42 mm of the Apple Watch Series 3 on sale. The 38mm model was on sale for $129, that 70$ off, and the 42mm model was on sale for 159$.

The event started Wednesday, November 27, 2019, at 10:00 PM EST / 9:00 PM CST / 7:00 PM PST, however, for stores, the Black Friday event starts on Thanksgiving day, November 28, 2019, at 06:00 PM.

It’s recommended to get there early because it gets crowded fast. However this year, due to the pandemic, it’s likely Black Friday event will be only online to protect customers from COVID-19.

b. Target

In Target, Black Friday started on Thursday, November 28, 2019. All stores open at 5:00 PM on Thanksgiving day, Target put both Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple watch series 5 on sales. 

  • Apple Watch Series 3 starting at 169.99 (save $30.00).
  • Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS) starting at 399.99.
  • Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular) starting at 499.99.

c. Best Buy

Best Buy last year had a crazy Black Friday. Many people were able to save anywhere from $50 to $300 on select Apple Watch Series 4 models. 

The Black Friday in Best Buy started on Thanksgiving day (Thursday, 

November 28, 2019) at

d. Amazon

Last year, Amazon surprised us with their amazing sales during Black Friday, up to $44 off on the Apple Watch Series 5 although it was just released, you will get 20$ off at first, then you will also save a further 24$ at checkout, bringing down the price to just $354,99, the same discount applies to the 44mm model.

The Apple Watch 3 was also in sales during last year’s Black Friday, up to 70$ off from the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE version that cost $299, however for the GPS version it cost only $199 directly from Apple.

3. When is Apple Watch Black Friday 2020?

Black Friday 2020 this year will fall on 29 November, however, some shops start early, so we recommend you to mark Monday 25 November through Monday 2 December in your calendars, so you won’t miss any Apple Watch Black Friday deals.  

Some retailers are already starting to compete for your wallet. This year the discount war started early, we have already seen Amazon and other shops made some amazing Apple Watch deals 2020, although it’s recommended to wait for Black Friday week because Apple watch deals black Friday 2020 attend to be much better.

The only problem you may face during this black Friday is with the number of deals out there, you may miss out some amazing discounts, luckily, we will be keeping this page updated with the best Black Friday Apple Watch deals 2020, so continue checking back for more savings.

4. How can I find the best Black Friday Apple Watch deals?

Black Friday Apple Watch deals 2020
(image credit: appleinsider)

To find the best Black Friday Apple Watch deals 2020, be sure to bookmark this page right now, we will be bringing you the best apple watch deals 2020 from the beginning of November 2020.

So if you have an Apple watch in mind that you want to buy, make a note of the price now and don’t be fooled by any devious price hikes. You may also consider avoiding the “too good to be true” deals on unknown brands, there are many cheap smartwatches on amazon that are not worth your money.

In general, it’s better to stick to retailers and brands that you know and trust, and these are the deals we will be posting here at, so you can shop with peace of mind.

If the smartwatches that you have in mind are particularly popular, like the Apple Watch, you better act quickly because these kinds of Black Friday deals are likely to sell out quickly.


Some retailers like Amazon allow you to make a wish list on their site, so you won’t miss any time looking at the exact model you have in mind, in case the model you had in mind sells out, it’s a good idea to add another model.

If somehow you missed Black Friday, Cyber Monday will be just around the corner, so you will have another chance to buy that apple watch you’ve been lusting over. 

5. Where will you find Apple Watch Black Friday deals 2020?

Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target are the most popular stores worldwide, they are known for being the biggest hitters when it comes to Black Friday deals, ironically, Apple has never been good hunting ground Black Friday bargains, Apple rarely does any discount, that’s why we recommend subscribing to our newsletter to get the hottest deals as soon as they drop. We will also post all Apple watch deals in black Friday 2020 so you won’t miss anything.

6. Apple Watch Black Friday deals that you should avoid

As I mentioned before, don’t buy from unknown retailers, because during this Black Friday many unknown stores would try to scam you with fake discounts, or even take your money without sending the products.

You also need to be wary of unknown smartwatches, no matter how cheap they are, they aren’t worthy of your money, always stick to brands that you trust and have information about.

In general, keep an eye on new sites that might crop up during Black Friday to take advantage of this event. So to protect yourself you may consider paying for your Apple Watch from your credit card only if your bank provides additional buyer protection.

Now you have a general idea about the Black Friday, and what kind of Apple Watch deals 2020 to expect, all that’s left is for the big sale event to kick-off, so be sure to check back during November. Happy hunting.

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