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Black Friday 2020: All Your Questions Answered

It’s true that shopping this year is something unusual, but one thing for sure is that Black Friday 2020 is not canceled!

Every year millions of people descend on shopping malls across the world to take advantage of the best deals on the products they love. It is a yearly tradition that has become known as Black Friday.  Every year brands and retailers run special offers, deals, and discounts on tons of products. In fact, 51% of US internet users said they would shop digitally at the Thanksgiving table. As most countries coming out of lockdown, it has come to start thinking about the biggest shopping period of this Black Friday. To get a bigger picture on Black Friday 2020 let’s answer the following questions:

Is Black Friday 2020 canceled? 

It’s true that shopping this year is something unusual, but one thing for sure is that Black Friday 2020 is not canceled. We’ve seen a lot of adoption of new ways of shopping, regardless of age or generation. All of that makes it easier for consumers to shop even if they may not be able to go to stores, at least in the same way they used to. 

Black Friday 2020 is going to be the largest online sale event ever. In fact, 70% of consumers overall plan to make a purchase during the Black Friday weekend, which is significant and this is not just one single purchase, it is multiple purchases typically from a single customer across several stores.

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday usually takes place the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving. Thus, Black Friday 2020 will kick off on Friday, November 27th, 2020. However, given what is going on this year with the pandemic, many retailers launch early deals in an attempt to entice more customers. All that to say that we expect to see steady deals of varying quality in the coming weeks. In fact, many retailers start their promotions way before Thanksgiving weekend and will see shoppers continuing right up to the winter holidays.

Will Black Friday 2020 be different?

With the pandemic situation that’s going on around the globe concerning lockdowns and social distancing, it got us thinking about what will the big event look like this year. Consumer shopping behavior has fundamentally changed and brands have certainly had to adapt.

Online shopping is expected to be more prevalent this holiday on Black Friday season than the last year, and it won’t just be younger shoppers who will do the majority of their shopping online. Big companies like Walmart will be doing Black Friday 2020 differently this year. Instead of having a one-day sale after thanksgiving, the company will have several sales throughout November.

Will we have a Black Friday in 2020?

The covid-19 pandemic is changing so many things in our lives this year, the latest is how we do our holiday shopping. This year will be no more long lines, no more fights over flat screens, Shopping will be different this year but Black Friday 2020 is all but canceled. In fact, Black Friday could be difficult if you like the in-store experience. Most stores are limited to just 25 to 50 percent capacity, which means lines outside their doors. 

Black Friday 2020

Thus, online shopping is expected to explode this Black Friday, that’s why companies are expecting Black Friday deals to start as early as November. The key to Black Friday 2020 will be shopping early because nobody wants to stand outside the store in December.

Why is it called Black Friday?

                 The origin of the term Black Friday is up for debate. There are numerous accounts about how and when the phrase first came to be. In fact, the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper first coined the phrase Black Friday back in 1981. The story relates to how, in those days, financial accountants wrote their statements with pen and paper, using red ink to record losses, and black for profits.

Therefore, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Black Friday was the day when US retailers made so many sales that they were able to come out of the red, and into the black. All thanks to the sudden and drastic increase in sales over the holiday weekend.

What are the best deals on Black Friday 2020?

       Black Friday is expected to be home to a ton of awesome deals. Our favorite Black Friday deals from the e-commerce giant Amazon include 50% off discounts on the Fire TV Stick and the Fire 7 tablet for just 29$. Moreover, you will get massive discounts on Amazon devices, laptops, LED TVs, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and much more. 

On the other hand, Walmart is doing something called Walmart deals for days which start the 4th online, and then on the 7th of November, there are online deals and in-store deals. You can save big on toys, tech, furniture, and more. In Walmart Black Friday 2020 you can have more days and more easy ways to save.

Will Walmart have Black Friday 2020?

            Due to what is going on in the world Walmart has announced that it is going to close stores on Thanksgiving ending a Black Friday tradition that drew enormous crowds. However, this Black Friday 2020 Walmart is spreading this event over three separate ways which include both in-store and online options. Customers can choose to pick up these online items at special curbside locations at the store or have them delivered to their homes.

With Walmart closing stores overnight there will be a new process; Walmart will open at 5 a.m. on those special saving days, so as you approach the front doors you may notice that customers are waiting outside in a single straight line.

learn more about Walmart Black Friday 2020 Here.

Where are the biggest Black Friday sales?

         Black Friday is a yearly opportunity to find the best deals on your most wanted products. Every store and retailers give the best offer of the year not only in America but around the globe. 

Black Friday 2020

The giant e-commerce store Amazon is one of the best targets for customers to find the best deals. Walmart on the other hand is one of the best locations to find what you are looking for if you prefer in-store shopping. However, and just that to be fair to other stores like eBay, Target, BestBuy gives the best price on products. Thus, try to take advantage of Black Friday 2020 and choose what best for you.

          Even though Black Friday is something different this year because of the pandemic, it is still a huge opportunity to make your most valuable purchases of the year. Indeed, to make the best of Black Friday try to create a list ahead of time, don’t forget to compare prices, and look for coupons and discount codes.

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