Apple watchOS7 And what Apple watch 6 details can we learn from it ?

What’s new in Apple’s WatchOS 7? Should you upgrade?And What Apple Watch series 6 details can we learn from WatchOS 7 ?

During the WWDC 2020 presentation, Apple announced their newest update, WatchOS 7 for its Apple Watch operating system, this upgrade brings whole new features to the Apple Watch and fulfills the dreams of many Apple Watch fans.

According to Apple Watch 6 rumors, WatchOS7 update is going to be released alongside the Apple Watch 6 release date.

Notice, this update is coming for the Apple Watch Series 3/4/5/6 and may take months to be released, however, Apple revealed that WatchOS7 beta will be available starting in July. For selected lucky members to test it.

So what’s new in WatchOS 7? And What Apple Watch 6 details can we learn from WatchOS 7?

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In this article, we are going to discuss and explain all WatchOS 7 features that Apple revealed during their last event, and take a glance at some Apple Watch 6 features that we may see with this new update.

What’s New in WatchOS 7?

WatchOS 7 is going to change the way you use your Apple Watch. With this upgrade that focuses on personalization, health and fitness, your Apple Watch won’t feel the same anymore.

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Here are some WatchOS 7 features that were revealed during WWDC 2020 presentation;

  • Sleep Tracking App

Finally, a sleep tracking app is coming to the Apple Watch, not only for the Apple Watch 6 but for Series 3/4/5 too, with watchOS 7, this update offers Sleep Tracking Capabilities, providing an easy to read-chart for sleeping analysis.

This feature offers a healthy pre-bedtime routine to help you fall asleep in a more comfortable way, WatchOS 7 also uses a wind-down feature on IOS 14 that helps users personalize a night routine and reduces distractions.

Apple watchOS 7 Sleep tracking app
watchOS 7 Sleep tracking app (image credit 9to5mac)

WatchOS 7 is going to allow your Apple Watch to monitor your sleep quality using the accelerometer to measure your movement, to help the app to indicate the user’s sleep breathing or wake patterns.

In addition To pre-bedtime routine and monitoring to sleep, this watchOS 7 feature is using a gentle alarm that buzzes so you don’t disturb your partner.

  • Handwashing App

One of the most important values we learned from this ongoing pandemic is the importance of washing our hands to prevent the spread of illness, The World Health Organization advice to wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds, although it may look like an easy task to do, some studies showed that more than 50% forget to wash their hands, or they don’t wash their hands for 20 seconds.

Apple  WatchOS 7 Handwashing App
WatchOS 7 Handwashing App (image credit appleinsider)

Luckily, Apple added a new handwashing App in the watchOS 7 to remind their users to wash their hands by sending notifications when they get home. Apple also revealed that this app is going to listen for the sounds of running water and then set a 20 seconds timer to help their users wash their hand for the perfect amount of time.

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This app may not look helpful as other watchOS features, but it surely is going to help you during this pandemic and after.

  • Hearing Protection Feature

The watchOS 6 offers a feature that alerts users when their environments are loud and could harm their hearing health, but watchOS 7 is going to expand those capabilities to their AirPods for a better and safe experience.

This feature is going to lower the volume of the connected Air pods accordingly when a recommended safe weekly dose has been exceeded, you will also find a weekly summary on your iPhone in the health app, details on the period you have listened to high-decibel sounds each week.

  • Watch Face Sharing

With WatchOS 7, users can adapt and share new face configurations into their iPhone as curated by social media, third-party apps, and even personal contacts.

In the previous update, if you like a face setup on your friend’s Apple Watch, you need to ask them about their configuration, to have a similar watch face, but now with WatchOS 7 you can send and receive any watch face and have your device automatically adapt that arrangement.

  • Cycling Directions

Apple is finally adding the long-awaited feature to its default maps app in their Apple Watch, with watchOS 7 users can now use Cycling Directions to see elevation changes, it will also suggest if they should take a flight of stairs to save time, besides, it will show a route that avoids steep hills to get to the destination quicker, or take the most direct path.

What Apple Watch 6 Details Can We Learn From watchOS7?

Although in the WWDC 2020 presentation, Apple didn’t reveal any hardware upgrades, after seeing the watchOS 7 features, many Apple Watch 6 rumors have been confirmed, such as; 

Apple watch series 5

Apple Watch 6 is getting a sleep tracker: This has been the dream of many Apple Watch fans for many years. They have always wanted an app that helps them sleep and monitor their sleep.

Apple Watch 6 is getting a new fitness app: Since the release of the apple watches, there has been only one fitness app, now With watchOS 7 the Apple Watch 6 features are getting an upgrade, an additional Fitness App that has new training routines, yoga exercises, and dance tracking.

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You Can Share Face Watch with Apple Watch 6: Many Apple Watch 5 fans have been complaining because they couldn’t share their watch faces with each other, now With watchOS 7, the Apple Watch 6 is getting a new app that let users share their favorite watch face, without the need to copy configuration, you can simply use third-party apps, and share with your loved ones your favourite face watches.

New cycling directions: Apple Watch 6 is also getting new cycling directions With watchOS 7 update, to help users to choose a better path, and have a better experience.

Handwashing App: Last but not least, an additional useful app is added to the Apple Watch 6 features called the handwashing app. This app reminds users to wash their hands throughout the day to protect themselves from diseases, especially during this pandemic.

This last 2020 Apple event confirmed many Apple Watch 6 rumors and changed the way we are going to use our Apple Watches. Let’s wait and see if the Apple Watch 6 release date is going to bring additional surprises.

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