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Apple Watch Series 6 Release Date, Price, News And Specs

We are a few months away from the release of Apple watch series 6, the most awaited watch in 2020, and because Apple watch series 5 was perfect in every way, we can only say that apple watch series 6 is going to be better, an improvement version of series 5.  

After seeing apple watch 6 leaks, we can say with confidence that it’s going to be the best smartwatch in the market and it’s going to surprise many fans and apple watch lovers.

In this article, we are going to try to answer all your questions about the new apple watch, such as; when will apple watch series 6 come out? how much is apple watch 6?

Generally, we are going to cover all apple watch 6 rumors and keep you updated with the latest news.

1. Apple Watch 6 Release Date

Predicting when will apple watch 6 come out is an easy task, if we just look back at all apple watch series, they all released on September, and I doubt that release date for apple watch 6 is going to be any different. So we are expecting This launch event will take place in the second week of September, however, with this pandemic it may take a little longer than that.

2. The New Apple Watch 6 Price

Last Year, when apple released the apple watch series 5, it cost 399$ up to 699$, the final price varies significantly depending on which strap you choose, also the size can play a role in the price, as we all know apple watch comes into two sizes; 40mm and 44mm, so apple watch 6 44mm is going to cost more.

Generally, all we can say about series 6 price, and after reading some apple watch 6 rumors, it’s likely to cost at least as much as the Apple Watch 5, meaning a starting price of at least $399 / £399 / AU$649.

3. The New Apple Watch Series 6 Rumors

With the lunch of the next Apple watch getting close, we start to hear a lot of Apple watch series 6 rumors and news, and it’s getting hard to tell the lies from the truth,

Here are some apple watch 2020 rumors;

a)   Apple Watch 6 is Getting Blood Oxygen Level Monitor and Sleep Tracking.

Apple watch 6 can get sleep tracking and blood oxygen level monitor, it’s only going to require new hardware, although sleep tracking could bring a problem to series 6, because it drains the battery so fast, and most people attend to charge their smartwatch overnight.

The Apple Watch 5
The Apple Watch 5

We think this is one of the reasons that this feature is going to make apple consider the battery problem, that series 5 have, and fix it with a new type of battery,

b)   Series 6 is Getting a Waterproof Improvement.

Some of the big flaws in apple watch series 5 are the waterproof feature. Many athletes and swimmers complained about it, they said that although series 5 has waterproof, it’s not suitable for them, so some apple watch 6 rumors pointed out that it’s getting a new waterproof, which means that it can be used when submerged. And that would be a big boost for swimming and water sports – possibly including diving.

c)   New Touch ID for Series 6.

 Adding a Touch ID may seem an odd thing to add to the new apple watch, especially the apple watch already open when the iPhone is unlocked,  but by adding Touch ID apple watch 6 can make it a lot easier you won’t need to reach your phone to unlock your watch.

4. The new Apple Watch Expectations

Like many smartwatch lovers, we are putting high expectations on the series 6, to be the number 1 in the market.

The New Apple Watch Series 6 Design
This Could Be The New Apple Watch 6 Design (Image Source : Phone Industry)

Here What we want and expect to see on the next Apple Watch;

a) To Have a Better Battery Life Than Series 5

Battery life was a huge flaw in the apple watch series 5, many users complained about it, so with the release of apple watch 6 we are expecting a battery improvement, especially with new features that need a good battery so it won’t drain fast.

b) More fitness Features

There is no doubt that the apple watch is an excellent sports device, yet with the release of series 5, many people were disappointed because they were no significant new fitness features were added, so for the series 6, we would like to see some new fitness features, additional sensor monitoring your health.

c)  We want The New Apple Watch To Have a Circular Screen

Since Apple watch series 4 release, Apple refused to change the current screen shape of their smartwatches, so we would love to see in the apple watch 6 a circular screen shape, so it would have a unique design from the previous apple watches.

d) A Battery Life boost

 The apple watch 6 is likely to have a new battery life boost, especially after many users reported the battery problem with series 5,  and big features that the apple watch 6 is going to introduce, Apple have no choice but to fix the battery problem that haunted apple smartwatches since series 2, so after seeing some apple watch 6 leaks, it’s guaranteed to happen, although this update may be simple it can make a huge difference and make it the best smartwatch on the market.

The Apple Watch 5

Compared to past apple watches, the expectations for Apple watch 6 are high, so let us wait and see if the new apple watch rumors are on point this time.

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