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Apple Watch Series 6 Black Friday 2020: How to get the best deal

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It’s that time of the year again, Black Friday is around the corner. It is by far the biggest sales event offline and online, and the countdown on the biggest shopping day of the year has officially started. With this year’s shorter holiday season, we´re starting to see some brilliant early Black Friday deals. In fact, there are some standout offers on refurbished Apple devices, these discounts are not expected to last long but stock levels should be better than on Black Friday itself, so do your shopping early if there’s something you really like. In this article, we are going to help you find the best Apple Watch Series 6 Black Friday deals and where to find them.

here are some of the main points that we will be focusing on in this article;

  • Apple Watch 6 features
  • Series 6 vs series 5
  • Series 6 vs series SE
  • Our deal predictions for Apple Watch 6 Black Friday 2020
  • Does Apple have Black Friday deals?
  • How much will the Apple Watch Series 6 cost on Black Friday 2020?

Apple Watch 6 features

Before we get to the best Apple Watch 6 deals let’s have a look at Apple Watch 6 itself. Apple over the past few years has steadily added more and more features designed to help users live a healthier life and stay abreast of potentially life-threatening conditions. The next-generation Apple Watch 6 will incorporate new features designed to address some mental health issues. The ultimate goal is for Apple to learn what type of health measurements typically precede an event like a panic attack so that the device can then warn the user beforehand and offer assistance such as breathing exercises. Moreover, Apple Watch 6 has a better battery life, Wi-Fi, water resistance, a next-gen processor, a sleep tracking feature, and much more.

Apple Watch Series 6 VS Series 5

The first thing you immediately notice when making the transition from series 5 to series 6 is that the display is significantly brighter not just indoors but primarily outdoors. The battery life on both models are mostly the same with an all-day battery life of around 18 hours, so this enhanced hardware that’s found on series 6 doesn’t use up that much energy as expected. In addition, the Apple Watch 6 does charge a little bit faster compared to series 5. 

Series 6 VS Series 5 (image credit:

The next difference between these two is the processor, both processors on both series are 64-bit dual-core chips. But the newer S6 are based on the A13 Bionic in the iPhone 11 and are up to 20% faster than the previous S5 processors. When it comes to design series 6 and series 5 are almost identical, with some differences in materials and color options.

Apple Watch Series 6 vs series SE

Side by side the Apple Watch Series 6 and series SE both body design are 100% identical, which means that you can still use the previous accessories that you may have from the previous series. Both Watches have 32G of internal storage which is more than enough that anybody will need. Both connect with Bluetooth 5 so you can connect a pair of headphones and air pods. 

Series 6 vs series SE (image credit: macrumors)

Moreover, you can find in both series the W3 chip great for pairing and share the same water-resistant rating up to 50m. The new for the series 6 is a blood oxygen sensor, which means there’s an additional sensor in the back, it still has the ECG that’s why you can find an iron man looking ring around the backside while the SE doesn’t have it but it does have the heart sensor.

Our deal predictions for Apple Watch 6 Black Friday 2020

As expected like the previous years, this year we expect some major Apple watch series 6 Black Friday deals. As Black Friday is around the corner, we will be seeing some discounts on Apple products such as Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch SE. In fact, we will be seeing some deals on older devices too. 

Last year´s Black Friday had known some good deals with Apple Watch Series 5 and we expect the same with Apple Watch Series 6 this year. As an example, last year, Apple Watch 5, 40mm, GPS: the original price was 399$ and the deal was 379$ at Walmart. Thus, we are expecting to see some sales on Apple watch series 6 price this year.

Does Apple have Black Friday deals?

Apple deals on Black Friday don’t often come from Apple. Indeed, for the past ten Black Fridays and Apple’s retail store have barely acknowledged Black Friday. If you look at Apple, they acknowledge much overseas shopping in Asia and Europe and they actually create reward bags from many of their stores, but in the past, if you were to line up at an Apple store on Black Friday you would get absolutely nothing. In fact, it would be better off lining up at Walmart or Best Buy to score Apple-related deals as well as Target. 

However, last year for the first time in Black Friday we saw something where Apple took Black Friday seriously trying to match the discounts, you would otherwise find at BestBuy and other retailers. Answering the question above, Apple does have Black Friday deals but it’s mostly Apple gift cards with select purchases instead of reduced Apple prices.

How much will the Apple Watch Series 6 Cost on Black Friday 2020?

The next-generation Apple Watch is always launched alongside the next generation iPhone. In terms of pricing just like in the past, it is very likely that series 6 will be priced with the same retail price just like it did with series 5. The Apple Watch Series 6 is available starting at 399$ for a 40mm model that is the same price as the outgoing series 5. 

The Apple Watch Series 6 GPS plus starts at 499$. The watch is available to order today from and in the Apple store app. However, you can expect some good deals from Amazon on this Black Friday 2020; since Apple Watch 6 GPS/40mm already dropped off from 399$ to 374$ and Apple Watch 6 GPS/ from 429$ to 414$.

apple watch 6 is going to sell quickly during this black Friday, so you better act fast, or you are going to miss one of the most awaited items during this event.

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