4 Apple Watch Problems & How To Fix Them in No Time

It may be one of the best smartwatches on the market, but the Apple Watch doesn’t always work as it should.

The Apple Watch is more than a fancy accessory. From monitoring your heart rate and keeping your fitness routine on track to making your to-do list,   you can also use it to communicate with your friends without using your phone.

The Apple Watch has it all, the fancy design, long battery life, durability, and amazing features, yet despite all these qualities many Apple fans are raging due to some errors they faced while using the Apple Watch such as; log in from the paired iPhone problem that many users complained about for years, as they said that whenever they tried to use their Facebook messenger on their Apple Watch an emergency message popup saying log in from the paired iPhone.

Connecting to LTE is another problem that faces Apple Watch users, which in my opinion is the worst because if you couldn’t connect your Apple Watch to LTE, you can’t access the internet, so basically, you won’t be able to use most of the features.

Another issue that faces Apple Watch users is the poor battery life, the Apple Watch can easily make it up a day of use without any problem, if you notice that your battery is draining fast then you have a major problem.

Some users also experience unpleasant feelings after wearing the Apple Watch for a while, although this problem may not face all users but it’s very common, users who had this problem say that they couldn’t wear it due the itching that they get when they wear their Apple Watch.

Many people after seeing all these problems regret buying their Apple Watch or stop considering buying one. Luckily in this article, we are going to address some common problems that Apple Watch users may face, and how to fix them.

4 Apple Watch Problems & How to Fix Them

Apple watch Problem Number 1: Fail to connect to LTE problem

One of the problems that enrage users of the Apple Watch that are using the LTE variant, is connecting to the LTE problem. Apple publicly acknowledged this problem and reported that it would fix the issue in the next update in September 2017. Apple did fix the problem in the WatchOS 4.0.1 update and explained that this issue occurred due to the problem that the Apple Watch is having with hand-off between cellular and WiFi networks.

Notice, despite the update some users report that they still have the LTE connecting problem.

  • How to fix LTE not working

Compared to the Apple Watch messenger login from the paired iPhone problem, solving this issue is very simple just try to update your watch to the latest version, or you can set up your cellular plan again from your Apple Watch app on your phone.

Some Apple Watch users reported that the LTE connecting problem was with AT&T and once AT&T reinitialized their call service their LTE data functioned normally if none of these solutions work then you should contact Apple service.

Apple watch Problem Number 2: login from the paired iPhone problem

With the Apple Watch, staying in touch with your friends has never been easier, just from your wrist you can keep chatting wherever you are.

The messenger app becomes an essential app on our Apple Watch, we just can’t live without it. Recently a couple of users complained that whenever they tried to open the Facebook messenger on their watch a message pops up saying log in from the paired iPhone.

messenger login from the paired iPhone problem made many people upset and regret buying the apple watch, as they explained that there is no reason to have a smartwatch that can’t let you connect to the Facebook messenger.

Apple just recently addressed this problem and said that the next update is going to fix login from paired iPhone messenger issue. Despite the update, Some users still report this problem in their apple watches.

  • How to login messenger on apple watch

To fix messenger login from the paired iPhone problem, you should first look if your Apple Watch is updated, as I explained Apple said that “ apple watch messenger login from paired iPhone ” is no longer an issue in their last event, but If you are still dealing with the same problem try restarting your apple watch, just like many electronics, restarting them can fix the problem.

Some people report that after uninstalling the Facebook messenger and reinstalling it again fixed the login from the paired iPhone messenger issue

If none of the above worked for you, we’ve made an article targeting this specific problem hoping that it will help you solve the issue: “7 Simple Ways To Fix ” Log in From The Paired iPhone ” Problem

Apple watch Problem Number 3: Low Battery life 

Apple watches are known for having an excellent battery life. A fully charged Apple Watch can get you through the day before needing a refuel, if your Apple Watch doesn’t last longer than a day then you probably have a battery problem.

Battery life-draining fast is one of the most annoying problems besides messenger login from the paired iPhone problem, there are many reasons for this problem, such as;

  • having an old Apple Watch, if you possess this Apple Watch for more than 3 years, it’s completely normal that the battery life is dying fast, so you may consider upgrading your Apple Watch.
  • A software bug can also cause the battery to drain fast, so you may be able to save your Apple Watch
  • How to fix battery life-draining fast 

In case you have an old Apple Watch, to extend the battery you can choose to put your Apple Watch in power reserve mode ON, which means that it can only show the time, so your battery lasts longer. Otherwise check the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and close anything that you don’t need, including the wake screen on wrist raise, and heart rate sensor because this app can drain the battery fast.

Lastly, you may consider buying an Apple Watch strap with a battery in it, it can add up to 30 hours of battery life.

Apple watch Problem Number 4: Apple Watch Causing Itchiness and Rash

Unlike logging in from the paired iPhone and other software problems, not everyone will get this issue. some users report that when they wear their Apple Watch they get an unbearable feeling in their skin especially in the area that comes into direct contact with their Apple Watch sensors, however, this issue may not be related to the Apple Watch, some people seem to have this problem with watches generally, although the sensor points on the Apple Watch can be bad for certain people.

  • how to get rid of watch rash

This particular problem doesn’t have a fixed solution, but trying to loosen up the straps may fix the itchiness, you can also try changing straps because silicon bands may be the reason behind this problem.

You also need to take a scheduled break from your watch, so it won’t affect you that much, and let your skin recover.

Despite all of these flaws, the Apple Watch is still considered the best Apple Watch In the market and compared to other smartwatches, Apple is doing the best they can to fix any problem as soon as possible.

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