Apple Watch 6 Rumors: Sleep tracking, Panic Attack Detection, and more..

Apple Watch 6 rumors point to major changes and amazing features. Here are all the rumors so far.

2020 has been a rough year for everybody. All the big events that we were waiting for, have been postponed, including the Apple event where they reveal their newest products. As a result, many rumors have been leaked about their upcoming products, especially their New Apple Watch Series 6.

Since the pandemic started, there have been many Apple Watch Series 6 rumors such as; the series 6 is going to have a rounded design, it’s going to have a built-in sleep tracking feature, and many more.

In this article we are going to cover all the Apple Watch Series 6 rumors and leaks, to keep you updated

Apple Watch Series 6 Release Date

Last week, Amazon surprised the apple watch fans with a big discount on the apple watch series 5, which is odd, considering apple rarely put their Smart Watches on sale,

This move from Apple made the fans wonder if this sale was made due to how close is the Apple Watch 6 release. Although apple oh their last event didn’t say anything about the apple watch 6.

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As a result, we can just wait and see if the Apple watch series 6 rumors will predict it right, although guessing when the apple watch 6 will come out isn’t rocket science, we just need to look back at all apple watch series, we simply can see they all released in September, and we doubt that release date for apple watch 6 is going to be any different. So we are expecting This launch event will take place in the second week of September, however, with this pandemic it may take a little longer than that.

Sleep Tracking Feature

According to some Apple Watch Series 6 rumors, Apple finally is adding a built-in Sleep tracking feature that many fans have been asking for, apparently, 9To5Mac have been able to get their hands on IOS 14 code, and it reveals that Apple is working on sleep tracking for the Apple Watch, and it could be the main feature of the Apple Watch Series 6, however, we aren’t sure yet if it’s going to be only a software update for all the apple watches or just an exclusive feature for the Apple Watch Series 6, it was later confirmed by a Twitter user named Nikias Molina, who claimed that The Apple Watch Series 6 is going to have sleep tracking in addition to many other cool features. Later that day Jon Prosser also retweeted the post and confirmed the rumors.

So what is this sleeping tracker? Short answer, it’s a new feature that measures sleep patterns based on factors like heart rate and nocturnal movement, it can also monitor snoring using smart listing technology, it may look useless for some people, but it’s very important for people who have trouble staying asleep or have trouble falling asleep since it solves their problem.

Apple Watch 6 Rumors Analyzed Stress and Panic Attack Detection

Some Apple Watch 6 rumors claimed that Apple is working on panic attack detection, it was also stated by Max Weinbach, an XDA TV host, and Writer for developer, who claimed that Apple Watch would monitor for physical signs of a panic attack, it will also offer advice and guides for the users to get those symptoms under control.

Besides, some new Apple Watch 6 rumors reported that a stress tracker is also going to be included in Apple Health, alongside physical metrics like steps and heart rate.

Although, we are still not sure how this feature is going to work since a feature like this is going to be a lot harder to monitor electronically. As a result, fans start wondering if it’s going to be an app similar to Breath? That checks in with the user’s state of mind once a day? Let’s wait and see if the rumors this year are on point.

In-screen Touch ID

Since the Apple Watch 6 rumors started going out, there has been one rumor that made the fans jump out of their chairs, it’s the In-screen Touch ID leak, unlike the iPhone and Mac, this security upgrade is going to be built directly into the display itself which is completely different from the four-digit pin that we used to see in the previous apple watches.

This rumor has been out since last November, it stated that Apple is making progress on under-display fingerprint reader technology similar to the one used on the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Waterproofing Boost For Sports

The Apple Watch 6 rumors also pointed out that Apple is going to improve the waterproofing for series 6, which raised the speculations that it would be used for water sports.

In other words, Apple is going to boost the water resistance, considering the Apple Watch Series 5 already has water resistance, so will the series 6 be better than all the water-resistant smartwatches in the market? Let’s wait and see if Apple is going to meet our high hope for series 6.

Apple Watch 6 is getting A New Fitness App.

Since the Apple Watch was launched, fitness has been the core of it. Despite that, it already has a fitness app, yet the fans still want more. According to Macrumors, Apple is working on a standalone fitness app.

Unlike the app on the Apple Watch that lets you track your progress, this one is going to guide you through a workout of your choice such as; yoga, dance, cycling, running, and more.

This app is going to be available on the iPhone and Apple TV As well as the Apple Watch, besides, this app will put a lot of fitness apps out of business since there’s no shortage of third-party fitness apps like this.

Macrumors also revealed that this app is going to be free although it may request a paid subscription base like in Apple Music.

Blood Oxygen Tracking

Apple never stopped expanding health and wellness features for their products. According to some apple watch series 6 rumors, a blood oxygen sensor could make an appearance on Series 6. This would allow your Apple watch to measure your blood oxygen level, similar to a pulse oximeter, and alert you if dips below a certain threshold.

This feature came at the perfect time because some doctors are recommending pulse oximeter devices to monitor Covid-19 symptoms.

To apply this feature into the apple watch 6, a new type of sensor is needed, likely a pulse Oximeter, however, some apple watch series 6 rumors claimed that apple only needs to do an update since it already has VO2 max inside the activity app that works similar to the blood oxygen sensor.

Share and Discover New Watch Faces 

According to some Apple watch series 6 leaks, Apple is finally answering the request of many apple watch fans which is sharing and discovering new watch faces.

Since the release of the Apple Watch, Apple refused to allow third-party watch faces, luckily, some Apple watch 6 rumors report that there will be many ways to personalize the apple watch such as; customizing existing templates or adding complications from the same app. Apple Watch fans can now also share watch faces via text, social media, or email.

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A new chronograph pro is also going to be added to the new apple watch 6, this feature has an analog-style tachymeter that measures speed and distance, it also has an extra text option and new pictures editor, besides, you will be able to add remote, new complications for apple’s camera, shortcuts apps and sleep mode.

Open Your Car Using The Apple Watch 6

In the last event, Apple announced an amazing feature that will allow you to open your car using the Apple Watch, although you won’t be able to give out car keys permission like on the iPhone, if they are shared with you, you will be able to accept them,

Notice that this feature will come only to series 5 and 6, and is only going to be compatible with select BMW models for now.

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A few months away separate us from The Apple Watch Series 6 release date, the most awaited Smart Watch at this moment. Until then, Apple Watch 6 rumors will not stop spreading, so let’s just wait and see if the new Apple Watch 6 is going to meet the fan’s expectations.

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