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Apple Watch 6 Deals: 15$ off and free 6 months of fitness+

The New Apple watch 6 is already on sale!

Series after series Apple Watch has matured so much over the years and has nailed every single aspect of the device. The Apple Watch has been shockingly successful and you can see them everywhere. The previous series are still being sold and bought like crazy, so how can Apple get people to spend more money on series 6 instead of one of the less expensive ones. Basically, it’s incremental new features and little exclusives that force people to spend more. Moreover, the Apple Watch 6 deals that you can find out in the market highly get customers’ attention. So, in this article, we will share with you the best Apple Watch Series 6 deals.

Apple Watch 6 Features

      Before we have a look at the Apple Watch Series 6 deals, let’s talk about the best features Apple Watch 6 has.

The major update Apple Watch 6 focused on the most, is the ability to track or monitor blood oxygen, Basically, Apple Watch 6 uses some pretty advanced sensors on the back of the watch to actually read the color of your blood to see how much oxygen is in it. Moreover, Apple Watch 6 comes with a new S6 chip which is based on the a13 bionic found in an iPhone, so that’s now 20% faster than the series 5 or S5 chip.

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The always-on display is another feature, with this new feature even though your apple watch isn’t activated you can still glance and tell the time because of that feature. 

Apple Watch 6 Deals
Apple Watch 6 models (image credit: techcrunch)

The Apple Watch 6 has new watch faces in which you can have different unique designs, like the GMT function and new chronograph design, new art faces as well as the ability to add your emoji to your watch face. Finally, the new band design that called the “solo loop” which has no buckles or magnets or any sort of clasps, so it is one piece of silicone that goes all the way around. All these great features make you want to get the apple watch 6 and look for the best Apple Watch Series 6 sales.

Apple Watch series 6 deals on Amazon

     Amazon has given the best Apple watch series 6 deals ; you can save now $15 on the total cost. Amazon has always been the giant online retailer and always the first on the market worldwide. Thus, if you are looking for the best Apple Watch 6 series deals just days after releasing, then it must be on amazon. In fact, Amazon is the only place where you can actually save money on Apple’s latest smartwatches. 

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With this Apple Watch 6 deals the price drop down to 384.99$ instead of 399$. it’s not a huge discount but still particularly striking, considering that Apple Watch Series 5 is still reaching 399$ on the 40mm GPS configuration version. That makes the new model with all its fancy new features cheaper than the previous series so that 15$ off is working exceedingly hard for you right now.

Apple Watch 6 Sales on Best Buy

         The second-best Apple Watch series 6 deal is brought to you by Best Buy. Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS) 40mm comes with six months of Apple Fitness, With this deal, you are not getting the most advanced smartwatch but also a six-month service on Apple’s new fitness app for free. 

Apple Watch 6 Deals
Apple Watch series 6 (image credit: 01net)

Supply appears scarce online, though, so you might want to check the stock at your nearest store. Those aren’t the only Apple Watch deals you can get right now, We are searching high and low for cheap Apple watch 6 deals and bringing them straight to you. So, whether you are searching for deals on the Apple Watch 3 or the new Apple watch series 6, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you won’t miss any Apple Watch 6 deals.

What is Fitness +?

         Apple Fitness+ is a newly released subscription program for people who have apple watches. This program is basically a fitness program where you can watch top tier trainers give classes on HIIT, strength training, and more. Moreover, you will be able to see your metrics on the screen so it’s going to have the heart rate, the amount calories are being burned as you are working out, so this will be giving you more motivation. 

On top of that, you also can have a burning bar to show you what place are you in while exercising and using artificial intelligence to make suggestions for workouts that you should try out.

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     Apple Watch Series 6 deals are something that every Apple customer is looking for. That’s why the big e-commerce companies are trying to give the best Apple Watch 6 deals. Apple Insider and Apple authorized resellers are also running additional exclusive deals that will not only deliver the lowest Apple prices on many of the items but also throw in bonus savings on AppleCare, office 365, and more. 

The markdowns also extend to the new Apple Watch SE, with select style 10$ off at Amazon as well. In the following table, you will find the best Apple Watch 6 deals by Amazon and Best Buy.


New Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm) – Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band view on amazon
New Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 44mm) – (Product) RED – Aluminum Case with (Product) RED – Sport Band View On Amazon
New Apple Watch SE (GPS + Cellular, 40mm) – Gold Aluminum Case with Pink Sand Sport Band
View On Amazon

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