Apple Glass Release Date, Price and Features

Jon Prosser “I’ve seen them, they’re sleek as hell”.

Despite 2020 is being ruined by the pandemic and all the events happening on our planet, Apple Company seems coming from another galaxy. No one could pretend not to like Apple products, from phones to Airpods to Macs and now Apple Glasses, which present a big far step towards the future. These Apple glasses will redefine technology, being the first of its kind, and thanks to the specs that are going to be unveiled next in this article, besides Apple glass release date, price, and design.

1. Apple Glass Release Date

Since the Apple Glasses are not on the market yet, we can only predict the release date relying on some respected leakers and Apple Experts such as Ming-Chi Kuo, who claimed in his tweets that Apple glasses 2020 won’t be available until 2022 due to the non-accomplishment of the product yet and waiting for some settings to be finished in order to present the product in its best shape, ready to hit the market.

But, here we have Jon Prosser, which is also an Apple expert and he has many former predictions and leaks that turned out to be true. Disagreeing with Kuo, he’s saying that the Apple Glasses are expected to come sooner by the next year 2021. Jon also mentioned that Apple Glasses are meant to be announced by the company before being shipped following the same strategy as Apple Watch.

2. Apple Glass Price

Unlike the usual, Apple this time has come with the new Apple Glasses which are priced at 499 Dollars, plus the fees of prescription. The price is low compared with other companies’ products, like Microsoft Hololens which are priced at 3,500 Dollars, but these Hololens are in no need of a processing device, instead, they have all the needed electronics to run the AR. That was the main reason why Apple Glasses came at a low price because they rely on a processing device.

3. What is Augmented Reality / AR?

Like in movies we have seen, Augmented Reality is having a third eye of the real world presented as digital content in your glasses. In our case with the Apple Glasses, features are shown on the lenses as we all going to see in the next sections.

4. Apple Glasses Features, What they Actually Do?

What’s not awesome about having the most used option of the phone on your glasses, such as texts, emails, and the most extraordinary is being able to play games on your Apple Glasses from the phone to your face. Apple as a company has always paid big attention to the third-party apps and on Apple Glasses, it has considered; as it did with the Apple TV and watch; a special App Store for the AR Glasses.

5. Apple Glasses Design

Elegance is the slogan of Apple Company. While marketing materials propose a Clark Kent-esque design, Apple Glasses is currently as leaked as intimidating plastic glasses. Since the company seeks the best as it always has, Apple Glasses will most likely assemble between everyday work glasses and luxury glasses like ray-ban Aviators, not with the same lightweight, but they will be comfortable for work for sure.

(Image credit: idropnews/Martin Hajek)

Apple Glass Concept

Although Apple Glasses don’t have cameras for privacy reasons, it has on the right temple a LiDAR scanner. We should also mention that Apple Glasses will come with wireless chargers and a plastic stand.

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For the color expectations Apple, as leaked, has no intention of Apple Glasses to come in a tinted variety, instead, it will be good to get used to ‘ole sun but while taking off the company may consider expanding its offerings.

6. Apple Glass Specs

Being the mystery of our present time, there are still no confirmed leaks about specs. But, since apple presents high tech values as always, we can presume that Apple Glasses will grant a field of view of at least 52-degrees and resolution 47ppi the same as their first contender the Hololens 2.

For the connection, Apple Glasses as it is claimed will connect to a dedicated Wi-Fi connection from the iPhone in order to show floating notifications on the Apple Glasses. If all videos captured by Apple Glasses’ cameras are processed by the phone and sent back 3D images to the glasses, Bluetooth is not the bandwidth.

Apple Glass concept (image credit: Martin Hajek/iDropNews )

Now let’s not forget about battery life, which plays a big role in every high-tech device in terms of marketing. Apple Glasses will likely grant 3 hours of working time like other competitors, but here Apple will take a step forward by coming up with a wireless charging glasses case, which helps to extend the working time through the day, as with Airpods. Apple may extend the measurements of these specs before launching its Apple Glasses as a surprise to its customers.

7. What Do We Want to See in Apple Glass

As usual Apple Company seeks to consider its customers’ hopes to fulfill all the wishes. We can start with the design, most clients want normal-looking glasses without any further enhancements that may make people feel like coming from another planet. Also, we can only hope for the AR to come in full 3D integration for a better experience. With all the amazing specs, one would like to take advantage of the whole working day so at least 8 hours battery life is a normal wish to be able to use the glasses more comfortably without worrying about charging, despite being wireless.

8. Jon Prosser Claims to Have Seen the Apple Glasses

Previously mentioned, our leaker Jon Prosser in his tweet claimed to have seen the Apple Glasses and I quote what he has said precisely: “I’ve seen them, they’re sleek as hell”. With all the information he has given us all this time we can only believe his claims as he’s an Apple expert and nothing seems to be in his way.

The Apple Company is a pathfinder toward future technology as this year, it has prepared to hit the markets with the iPhone 12, AirPods 3, a new MacBook Pro, and lastly the Apple Glass which holds the biggest step of high tech specs to the world of technology.


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