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Apple Airpods 3 Release Date, Price, Leaks and More

When are Apple Airpods 3 coming out? and what are their main features? Let’s find out!

In a wireless world, what people need are wireless headphones, and there where the Apple family runs its magic again with its new Apple AirPos 3 after the huge success they have achieved with the AirPods 2. The new upcoming item will carry the most high-tech exclusive features gathered form its predecessors and assembled in it, as active noise cancellation to add more feeling of the music, and the adaptive sound with the customized fit, which together grant an exceptional experience of clarity of sound plus high quality. Mentioning that the new Apple AirPods 3 will introduce some exclusive features, the device has raised big anticipation till now.

Luckily, in this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know about the new Apple Airpods 3, including the AirPods 3 release date, price, specs, features, and more.

       1. Apple Airpods 3 Release Date 2020

When are Apple Airpods 3 coming out? Well, after the world is in an outbreak due to COVID-19, Apple s schedules have been affected and the line-up schedule is still a mystery until the present time, but since Apple was planning the Airpods 3 release date to be in this year, then we can assume that the new Airpods 2020 will be dangling from our ears in late 2020 or 2021 for sure. One can just admire Apple’s products which leads us to seek rumors that are potentially true most of the time. An Apple leaker named Jon Prosser tweeted about the next apple product release date, pointing that the release was initially meant to be in March 2020 but due to the current world’s situation, it was postponed to the next few months waiting for the Big Release of the new Airpods 2020 alongside with MacBook Pro 2020 and hit the store shelves.

Keeping in mind that AirPods 2 release date was in the spring of 2019, so it is likely that the company will pursue the imminent reveal for the Apple AirPods 3 too. The release, after all the tech shows have been canceled, is expected to follow the same steps of the announcement via a press release, like the recent iPhone SE 2020 and iPad Pro 2020.

2. Apple AirPods 3 Price

        In order to determine the price of Apple AirPods 3, we should take in consideration multiple things such as naming; because as we already know the name plays a big role in determining the price for example Products having PRO in their moniker are much expensive than regular ones; specs that seem to be paving the way for a high price.

Since AirPods Pro are available with wireless charging cases for 249 dollars and since the new Apple Airpods 2020 is promising the same features plus new ones, the price is likely to be a little bit higher. But if the new Airpods 2020 serves as a true sequel to the predecessors AirPods 2, we can only assume that the new products will share similar MSRP in around 200 Dollars. 

3. New Airpods Design 

        Talking about the design, Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo in its report last year, revealed that Apple company has been working on two models, AirPods2 alongside with AirPods Pro carry the same shape form, so the new Apple AirPods 3 is more likely to have the new form factor with different shape and colors.

However, in its latest reports of this year, Kuo shared that the new AirPods 2020 will only carry differences regarding the internal, and the external design of the new Apple product will remain the same as Airpods Pro. Mentioning that, Joe Rossignol MacRumors Editor, tweeted that the next generation Airpods 3 will bear the identical design of the AirPods Pro.

Considering that Apple is a more environmentally friendly brand; the design of Apple AirPods 2020 will probably carry recyclable parts like the Airpods pro with longer sound ports and a small force sensor, Airpods 3 will truly gather the best features in one exclusive item.

Now concerning the color, we can only hope that Apple will not stick with the white color, especially since the rumors have revealed that HTC and Beats companies are preparing similar models as AirPods PRO but with multi colors like light blue, glossy black finish, midnight green and rose gold. After these rumors Apple may want to reconsider its strategy regarding colors, at least benefiting from enticing iPhone 11 colorways as a matter of improving Airpods 3 design.

4. Apple AirPods 3 leak, Rumors, and features 

The new Apple AirPods 3 according to experts, also may carry some significant improvements regarding Health features that were tested on Airpods 2 in 2019, and it may also come with the upcoming new iOS 14 update. A report that has been claimed by Bloomberg in February showed that Apple will consider letting its products set third-party apps just like any other option on iPhones which allows Google Chrome and Gmail benefitting of this new feature. That leads us to mention that Apple AirPods X -as some prefer to call them- may also allow user-features as Siri with other programs than iPhone’s. 

Apple AirPods 3 leak
AirPods Pro design (image credit: Apple)

Following the steps of improvement, Apple AirPods 3 ; being the next generation; will carry the same sound quality as AirPods Pro with an adaptive EQ. We should also mention that some apple Airpods 3 leak claims that the new Apple product may come with Ear Tip Fit as a matter of well-improved sound quality as the AirPods Pro has. 

5. Apple AirPods 3 Battery Life and Charging Case

As usual, battery life is not the strength of Apple products. Airpods 3 like its predecessors is assumed to carry the same battery life that drops within 4.5 to 5 hours after being fully charged. This means that the same charging strategy will remain, 5 min charging grants 1 hour of playtime, while 15min of charge gives 3 hours. After the complaints of Apple users, Airpods 3 may present a revolution in battery life, following the steps of power beats pro which has a battery with a capacity of 4.5 hours playtime for only 15 min charge.


6. What Do We Want and Expect from the New Airpods

Since Apple Company has always been known by providing high tech specs in its products, Apple AirPods 3 is expected to grant more improvements in terms of:

a. Sound enhancement: AptX HD is on the wish list since Sony WF-1000xM3 is rumored to be allowing Hi-res’ wireless streaming which would provide a good impression to the new Apple product AirPods 3 . Noise cancellation seems to be another request, like the AirPods Pro, AirPods 3 should carry this feature in order to maintain its strengths in terms of sound quality.

b. Battery life: It is time for Apple to take the next step regarding charging issues. Focusing on Samsung, Apple’s biggest competitor with its Buds plus and 11 hours playtime, it’s the right time for Airpods to grant more life to its battery in order to catch up.

c. Water-resistance: Unlike many competitors, Apple has not improved its Airpods in terms of water resistance, and that should be considered in Airpods 3 as it is expected since the product will carry the name of the 3rd generation of AirPods.

7. What we’d like to see, but likely won’t, from the New Airpods

Apple Company is well known of its fancy products, and the word fancy comes always with a high price range and that’s what Apple seems to take as a business principle “Fancy product with a Fancy price”, so the New Airpods 2020 is unlikely to hit the stores with a lower price as most customers hope, with the release of the economical Apple iPhone SE.

Everyone has their preferred color. AirPods 3 must consider this by being offered with different colors as the other companies have made, but here Apple doesn’t seem to care about this matter, despite that the color plays a huge role in terms of marketing and respecting users’ wishes.

colored airpods x
(image credit :imore)

In a world of technology enhancement, we can only wait for the features that the new Airpods 2020 may include and expect for the best as they have always offered. Regarding the huge step taken from the first and the second generation, we expect another step forward in the new Apple AirPods 3. 

The unstable situation of the world nowadays gave more obscurity about the next apple product and more curiosity about the release date and the new features that it will present, but what we can say is that Apple has a strong belief in their beloved company and die-hard for having the new Apple AirPods 3. 

Finally, those are the rumors and most updated information we have about Apple Airpods 3. Stay tuned, and make sure not to miss our Apple Airpods 3 review that will be up as soon as the product hits the market. Also check this article weekly, as we’ll add new information highlighted above.


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