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AirPods Black Friday 2020: How to get a good Airpods deal.

Everyone wants a good pair of Airpods with the lowest price.

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Black Friday is around the corner, only 30 days separate us from the most awaited event in 2020. During this event, many items will get huge discounts including Airpods and AirPods pro. With this AirPods black Friday 2020 deals, it’s the perfect opportunity to add these high tech products to your collection and finally listen to music as it meant to be.

As we all know, Apple products are known for being very pricy, however, during Black Friday you can get them half the original price and sometimes even less, so it is recommended to wait for Black Friday to buy those expensive products at an affordable price.

This year Black Friday is going to be different due to the ongoing pandemic, many stores already announced that they won’t be participating in this year’s Biggest event so they can protect their customers from covid-19. however, that doesn’t mean there won’t be Black Friday. In fact, many stores are encouraging people to shop online this time.

Some rumors claimed that AirPods deals this Black Friday are going to be on fire, both original Airpods, and Airpods pro are going to be on sales, which is huge news considering the AirPods pro was just released and never been on sales.

In this article, we are going to share with you all the information that we know so far about Black Friday and Cyber Monday AirPods deals and answer all the questions such as;

  • When is Black Friday 2020?
  • How much will AirPods be on Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020? 
  • Will AirPods Pro be on Black Friday 2020?
  • How can I find the best Black Friday Apple Airpods deals?
  • Where will you find BF Airpods deals?
  • What Airpods deals that you should avoid?

 We will be posting all the best Black Friday Apple Watch deals 2020 in early November, be sure to check back again or subscribe to our website so you won’t miss any deals, we will let you know the moment news is announced.

1. When is Black Friday 2020?

Like every year, Black Friday is the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving, so this year Black Friday will kick-off on Friday 27th, 2020. Though some retailers like Amazon, Target, Bestbuy tend to start a week in advance, carrying through until Cyber Monday on November 30.

Apple AirPods Black Friday 2020

Some retailers claim that this Black Friday may be the only opportunity to scout for AirPods deals because there won’t be any sales until next year and it’s not guaranteed that they will be any AirPods sale either.

2. How Much Will AirPods Be On Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020? 

Black Friday 2020 is going to be an exceptional event for Airpods, we at TechWearTrend expect AirPods Black Friday deals to be in high demand this holiday season, besides, being one of the popular earbuds around, The Apple Airpods is also one of the best Buds on the market, while they can be very expensive, we speculate AirPods Black Friday deals could hit as low as $99.

The lowest prices we’ve seen for Apple AirPods are $139 for the AirPods with wireless charger, $114 for the standard buds, and $199 for the AirPods Pro during Prime Day. However, Apple AirPods on Black Friday & Cyber Monday usually get even lower prices, so it’s likely all three models will be even cheaper.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page, we’ll keep you updated on all AirPods deals.

3. Will AirPods pro be on Black Friday 2020?

As we mentioned earlier, During Prime Day both Apple AirPods and Apple Airpods pro were on sale for more than 30% off, therefore AirPods pro-Black Friday are guaranteed 100% for even more discount, So if you missed Apple AirPods during the last Prime Day, You are in luck because AirPods pro-Black Friday is getting a better discount. 

Apple AirPods Black Friday
Airpods pro & Airpods 2nd gen (image credit: cultofmac)

Although AirPods pro won’t be as cheap as The Apple Airpods, we suggest that you go for this AirPods pro-Black Friday, they are a better version than the classic Airpods and you will not be able to get them at this price anytime soon.

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4. How Can I find the best Black Friday Airpods deals?

Finding the best AirPods deals can be very difficult especially with all these retailers out there trying to get into your pocket, the chances to miss some AirPods sales is very common. So to avoid missing deals, We at TechWearTrend will be bringing you all  AirPods deals. So make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

If you have a particular Apple Airpods in mind, make a note of the price now so you won’t be fooled by a fake discount, you may also consider sticking with popular retailers, as they offer better AirPods deals.

Some websites let you list some items in their inventory so you won’t waste any time looking for those products during the big day, so we recommend saving Apple Airpods and Airpods pro in, because during Black Friday & Cyber Monday they sell out quickly.

5. Where Will You Find Apple Airpods BF Deals?

It is recommended to stick with popular retailers like Amazon, Target, Bestbuy, they are known for their insane AirPods deals, ironically, Apple has never put any of their product on sales during Black Friday, so Bookmark those popular retailers because they are going to be your hunting ground for AirPods sales. 

6. What Airpods Deals That You Should Avoid?

During this time of the year, many frauds create new websites so they can scam you. so as we mentioned before, you should always search for deals on popular websites, and stay away from the good to be true deals, they are also scams. You may also consider using your credit card to buy any products only if your bank provides additional buyer protection, otherwise try using PayPal.

Now you have all the information about the AirPods deals this BF, you are ready for the big sale event to kick-off, so be sure to check back during November. Happy hunting!

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