11 Best Apple Watch Apps 2021: Do More With Your Apple Watch

Our list of the 11 essential Apple watch apps that everyone should be downloading.

The apple watch app store has it all, the quantity and quality, – and now Apple has made it even easier, with the on-watch App Store launching through the watchOS 6 updates, Where you can find the best apple watch apps for you.

At the beginning of 2021 many watches came by, but none of them was big enough for apps, like the apple watch. Now, you can find all that you need in your apple watch store, it has all sorts of apps, apps for getting fit and getting stuff done, for messing around, and for sorting stuff out…

In this article, we’ve put together our list of the best Apple Watch apps out there, and broken it down into the 11 essential Apple watch apps everyone should be downloading.

Just a reminder, before you get into our list remember to head into the main  Apple Watch app on your iPhone – that’s where you’ll see a list of the apps already installed on your phone that can also be transferred to your Watch.

And make sure to check this article weekly, as we’ll add a new app each week, highlighted below.

The Best Apple Watch Apps In 2021

Great apps are constantly being released for the Apple Watch, which makes it almost impossible to decide which are the best apple watch apps. Finding the right apple watch apps is a vital way to get the most out of your watch, luckily, we find you 11 top app for apple watch that is going to make your life easier, some are free, some are not, but every single one is worth your while.

Here are the top 11 best apple watch apps;

Best Apple Watch Apps for Fitness:

  • Strava (free)


STRAVA “social network for athletes” is a unique free digital service accessible through a mobile application, the web, and apple smartwatches, this app is really good for keeping track of distance, time, elevation, calories, and speed.

You can use this app even when you are riding a bike and want to keep track of Third-party components that allow heart rate and cadence tracking, and for serious users, it offers various advanced features for a monthly payment. So If you want to get the most out of Strava, you should upload runs regularly, follow other athletes, give them kudos and comments, join clubs and challenges, and maybe even create your own routes, but what makes it different than other similar apps is that STRAVA uses GPS to accurately keep track of your route, whether on the roads or on the trails. All of these great features make Strava one of the best apple watch apps for fitness

  • Carrot fit (4,99$)

Carrot fit is a new apple watch app for fitness -with attitude from the makers of Carrot To-Do and Carrot Alarm, it is different than any other fitness app you ever used, unlike other fitness apps that try to nicely encourage you to lose weight, carrot fit do the opposite,  The first thing it does is declare itself your “fitness overlord.” After that, it guides you to your ideal weight through insults and judgments, it is the perfect app for casual weight tracking, although it doesn’t have many features, it will make you laugh.

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Best Weather Apple Watch App:

  • Carrot Weather (4,99$)

Carrot Weather is a weather forecast app that uses weather data from Dark Sky, allowing it to provide real-time updates on current and upcoming precipitation. it’s a weather app for anyone that is looking for a little fun when checking the weather, if you’re an Apple Watch user and want a better weather complication, Carrot is the best weather app you can get. It also offers a look ahead at the week’s weather, including detailed breakdowns of current conditions.

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Top Apple Watch app for To-Do lists:

  • Things 3 (9,99$)

Things 3 is one of the most attractive to-do list applications in the space. The Cultured Code developed task manager allows you to add tasks, manage projects, areas and plan with Apple calendar events in mind. It is useful for personal purposes and not too complicated set-ups and also for people who don’t need to share tasks and projects.

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 Our Favorite Apple Watch Games:

  •  Rules! (2,99$)

Rules! is a fantastic brain teaser game that makes you follow some fun rules, Things will start off simple, like “Tap the unicorn”, so you’ll have to tap the unicorn tile. The next round will add a rule, which you’ll have to follow, and it’ll then say “Follow rule 1”, so you’ll have to tap the unicorn again. As you progress, more rules are added, so you have to think about the rule of the moment while trying to remember all the other rules in succession.

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  •  Pocket Bandit (0,99$)

Pocket Bandit is an exciting and fast-paced puzzle game for Apple Watch, the gameplay is simple, you just need to figure out the combination of each safe (usually two or three numbers) before the time runs out and the cops catch you. You’re always trying to beat your high score — calculated by how much money you steal — so open as many safes as you can. Some of the vaults you need to crack even have special anti-theft devices attached to them that you’ll need to avoid.

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 Best apps for Wellness:

  • Start with Yoga (2,99$)

Start with yoga is an app that going to help you relax and meditate, this app does exactly what the name suggests: it’s designed to help you get started with Yoga.


Starting with yoga is different than any other yoga app in the apple store, unlike other apps that make you look at the phone for instructions, the START WITH YOGA app enables you to stay far away from the distractions of your iPhone, also the exercises are very simple, you just start with the basics moves and routine, until you are more expert so you won’t injure yourself while attempting one of the advanced moves.

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  • Sleep Cycle (free)

Sleep Cycle is an intelligent sleep tracker app for your Apple Watch, it’s one of apple watch top apps. This app continually monitors your sleep patterns and wakes you up when you are in light sleep. Sleep Cycle uses its patented sound technology to track your sleep patterns by using sound or vibration analysis. Truly it’s one of the best apple watch apps for sleep tracking.

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Best apps for Finance Management

  • Pennies (3,99)

Pennies is a simple management app, that going to help you to Keep track of your spending and save money, simplicity is the beauty of this app, you just download pennies, and start customizing your budget, including name, start date, frequency, currency type, budget amount and money left in your budget at the time of setup, it’s a must for anyone who can’t control their expense.

Pennies for Apple Watch is a convenient way to manage your finances on the go. If you are at a shopping mall, for example, you can easily input amounts spent at each store without needing to take your iPhone out of your pocket.

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Top Travel apps:

  • Citymapper (free)

Citymapper is the ultimate navigation app in the apple store, whether you live in a city or are visiting as a tourist, you want to find out the best way for getting from Point A to Point B. Citymapper is your guide, it shows you the options for getting from one place to another and lets you compare the routes by time, cost, fitness, and weather. By using Citymapper, you’ll be able to navigate around cities much more easily and efficiently.

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  • iTranslate Converse (free)

Chatting with people who speak other languages got a lot easier, with iTransalte converse, you can now talk through the microphone and translate to any language you want, it has 38 languages that you can go through, however, the results aren’t always perfect – and can occasionally be comical – but this is the closest any app comes to translating a bilingual conversation in real-time. You have to speak clearly and in short sentences, but the app is otherwise super-easy to use, with a clean, minimalist interface that doesn’t get in the way of conversations. The app also retains transcripts of your translated conversations for reference or sharing.

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How To Install Apple Watch Apps

If you’re looking to add new Apple Watch apps, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. On the bottom panel, select either ‘Search’ or ‘App Store’.
  3. Find the app you want to download to your Apple Watch.
  4. Tap on your selection, then ‘Get’ to begin the download.

Finally, all these apps we’ve mentioned, still considered only a small part of what apple watches are capable of. those apps are selected based on personal use, and we wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that all these apps are a MUST for every apple watch user.


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